Cookie Policy

Cookies and other tracking technology are used on the websites and services of BUSHI RESORT & SPA and its affiliated companies (hereinafter referred to as “we”).

In this cookie policy (hereinafter referred to as “this policy”), (i) cookies managed by us and third parties with whom we cooperate establish on our website and services. Details of cookies, etc., and (ii) management / selection method by the customer. Also, this policy explains how to manage advertising identifiers such as Google and Facebook that we utilize.

Explanation about Cookies

What are cookies
By using cookies, etc., we can determine whether or not the customer has visited our website in the past. By using cookies, etc., we can understand how our website is used and improve our website and services.

Different types depending on the issuer of cookies
The types of cookies can be broadly divided into two.
Published by us and issued by a third party such as a partner.

Reason for each purpose
The cookies, etc. used on our website can be divided into the following four types according to their main purpose.

Cookies etc. that are indispensable mainly when using websites (essential cookies)
These are cookies that are indispensable for customers to browse our website or services and use their functions. If you do so, it will interfere with your use of our website or services.

Cookies mainly for improving the functionality of websites (functionality cookies, etc.)
It is a cookie, etc. for the purpose of improving the convenience of customers on websites, etc. by recording the information entered by the customer and eliminating the need to enter the same information repeatedly. It is used for the purpose of saving the data such as the number of guests and the date, and automatically filling in the input item field when the customer moves to another page to save the time and effort of the customer.

Cookies for performance measurement (performance cookies)
We collect and analyze information about how you use our websites, such as the number of visitors to our websites and the pages you are most often viewed on. We use it to improve services and services. For example, we use the Google Analytics service provided by Google Inc. for analysis of our website, and for that purpose we use cookies etc. issued by Google Inc.

Cookies mainly for advertisement
We may work with advertising companies to serve our advertising in third party media or to place third party advertising on our site.
The advertising company may acquire and use behavior information (access status, traffic, routing, etc.) in the medium of its own company or its affiliated company by linking with cookies etc. issued by the advertising company. Such cookies are mainly used for online advertising, creating reports, and improving the services and websites of advertising companies.

Advertising company: Google & Facebook
Our cookies
Our cookies are used for the purpose of preventing impersonation, ensuring functionality, measuring effectiveness, advertising etc. on our website or service.
By using our cookies, etc., we will be able to obtain information such as whether the customer is a customer who has visited our website in the past.
You can delete cookies, etc. in the browser you use, so that we will not be able to use those cookies, but you will not be able to use some of our websites or services functionally. May not be available for.
Third-party cookies, etc.
Our website allows the following third parties to place cookies on your electronic device.
Delete cookies
With many browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.), you can reject or delete cookies etc. according to the settings of the browser you use, depending on your choice. The specific method varies depending on the browser, so please check the help menu of the browser.

In general, rejecting / deleting cookies means rejecting / deleting the cookies stored in a specific browser on a specific electronic terminal you have (PC, smartphone, etc.). Cookies stored on an electronic terminal different from the electronic terminal that performed the operation will not be deleted, and cookies stored on a browser different from the browser that performed the deletion operation will not be deleted.

Cookies issued by an advertising company and the method of stopping advertisement distribution by this
On our website, the following advertising companies permit the setting of cookies etc. on your electronic device.
For the explanation of cookies etc. of each advertising company, the handling of data obtained through cookies etc., and the method of stopping the delivery of advertisements using the data collected using cookies etc., please see the following URLs Please give me.

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